Our Story

Design House started out as a small idea and has now evolved into more than we could’ve ever dreamed of

The beginnings of Design House started out as a question, how can we eliminate all the hassles of interior design and make it easier for clients? The process of interior design can be an arduous venture since most likely you’ll be traveling all over the state sourcing out different materials from varying locations. The purpose of Design House is to take out all that wasted time and consolidate the experience into the perfect one-stop shop for our client’s needs. By offering a space for clients and designers, it creates a collaborative environment where ideas can easily be shared and worked upon. This collaborative process is crucial because it opens the door for free-thinking and open-mindedness that otherwise can’t be found when burdening yourself with all the responsibility.

Having everything under one roof makes the decision making process much easier which provides a better idea for everybody involved on what to look for. Comparing samples from varying vendors directly and looking at differing room layouts with an experienced designer will help you paint a better picture of how you want your final design to look like. Our Goal is to inspire our clients and turn the typical interior design process into an experience like no other.

Our Approach

Our goal and our passion is to inspire our clients and help them create their dreams for their home.

Our wealth of experience and attention to detail is unmatched, we strive to deliver comfortable and unique interiors that speak directly to our client’s needs. We place significant importance on the functionality as well as the comfort of your space, while not neglecting the visual aesthetics.

The road to success isn’t paved strictly by the end result but rather it lies within the process along the way. Design House values high quality customer service to ensure that each and every client is satisfied to the fullest extent. We keep our clients updated with every step in the process to reassure them that they’re receiving the attention and professionalism they deserve.


“Everyone listened, offered suggestions along the way, and worked with us to make sure they gave us what we wanted. We were afraid we’d lose the unique charm of the original house, and instead in the end, they enhanced it. The “old” is improved, and the “new” flows so well with the original, making it feel like the house was always just as it is now.”

Linda S